Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Summer Kitchen

For many people that grew up in places that did not have air conditioning, they may remember our  grandparents using a what they called a Summer Kitchen.  It was a place to cook food in the summer that was outside of the main home.  It kept the heat out of the house.   Today many homes have an outside gas BBQ  and small refrigerator etc on the patio. I have augmented that with some ideas that may help you.

My Summer Kitchen - I have a great grill that also has built in smoker box that I use year round.  The configuration of my covered patio is such that it lends itself well to the addition of other appliance.  I have added a table that I altered with some weather proofing.  On that table I have added some small electrical appliances.  All of these can cook a meal or part of a meal without adding any heat to my house. Here is my list.

Deep Fryer - I keep in wrapped in large trash bag when I am not using it.  I also use peanut oil so that it does not need to be changed as often.  It keeps the heat and grease smell out of the house. In the simmer the oil is already around 110 so it take less energy to heat.

Small rotisserie - This is one that was marketed as a "Set it and Forget" model. It does a great job on chicken. Again I can get the chicken ready, put it on and come back when it is done.  I do keep an eye on it and I also cover it with plastic when it is cool and not in use.

Convection toaster Oven - This is the newest addition.  I have found that I can cook bread, pies and other items that will heat up the house and they come out great.  Again I cover it when not in use.

By using all of these items and my gas grill  I do not need to cook inside for many meals during the summer.  That saves energy and money.  So set up your Summer kitchen and send me some pictures or ideas.

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