Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some of my Best Burger Recipes

Here is one of my favorite Burger recipes.  These are great on the grill and as we all know it IS that time of year again! This one is in the cookbook.

(C) Wes Davis 2010/2012 - all rights reserved
Inspired by a friend who was always spicy and way too friendly! 


2          Pounds ground beef – 15% fat or less ( you can use ground turkey or chicken)
2          cans diced mild green chilies – you can use Jalapeno but I prefer more taste and less heat I use     Hatch chilies
2          cloves garlic – minced or pressed
½         teaspoon ground cumin
½         cup finely diced onions Red are the best choice but white will do
8          oz cheddar cheese
½         teaspoon salt

Put ground beef in a large bowl and add the chilies, cumin and onions.  Mix with your hands or a fork until well combined. Put the cheese in a food processor and pulse until it is in rough small pieces.  Add to the meat mixture and add the salt.  Mix again until combined.  Form into patties and place on a plate with plastic wrap or parchment paper separating the layers.  Chill in refrigerator for at least one hour.   Note:  usually you form hamburger patties loosely.  However with this recipe use more force when forming or they will fall apart when you cook them. If you have a burger press this is an ideal use for it.
Cook burgers over indirect heat on your grill.  Do not press them while cooking or they will fall apart and the cheese will ooze out.
Serve with hot toasted buns, cool lettuce and tomato and the usual condiments – Mayo, catsup and mustard, sliced onions and have salsa on the side.

Ole Chachita!!