Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picnic Lunch

Good weather means picnic lunches or at least taking food outside. When you do remember to keep food at the proper temperature.  Hot food HOT cold food COLD.  Here are some ideas to help.

1. Buy a container and/or lunch boxes that have a place for a frozen section to keep food cold.  The Container Store has a HUGE selection of these.  There are reusable "ice" solutions as well as  totes and bags that have a place to keep the cold food cold. If you do  not have one of these double bag some ice in a re-closeable bag and put it in the tote/bag etc. at the bottom with the most critical food on top and then another on top.

2. Salads - keep the dressing off until you are ready to eat. It is easier to keep a small amount of dressing cold rather that a big salad that has dressing on it.  This also improves the salad as greens won't wilt. If it is a potato salad then you must keep it cold as it made ahead of time. The same for Pasta Salads.

3. Sandwiches - lightly butter your bread before you do anything else.  That forms a barrier to keep the bread fresh and prevent it from getting soggy.  This is a big help for PB&J as well sandwiches that have mayo. Keep them cold!

These are just a few tips. I will have more later in the season.