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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

Take a moment today to thank any of the Veterans that you know.  We often forget that many of the freedoms that we enjoy were at the expense of those who serve. No matter what branch they all deserve our thanks and support.

One of things I like to do is make a special food for some of my friends who are Veterans. A homemade meal, a batch of cookies or a pot of soup on a cold November day make for great gifts. Here are some ideas that may help in transporting food at the Holidays.

I make my Quiche for delivery to friends. To make that easier on me and them I make it ahead and once it is cooled, I double wrap in plastic wrap and then use a gallon size zip lock freezer bag and freeze it.  I print heating instructions on a small piece of paper & place it on top of the quiche before I freeze it.  The recipient doesn't have to worry about what to do and can put the quiche in their freezer until they are ready.

For cookies - if they are soft, I include a terracotta disk for keeping sugar soft in the tin. They get two gifts and the cookies stay nice and soft.  If the cookies are crisp, I put an extra layer of cushion in the form of tissue paper on the bottom before I add the cookies.

If I am taking a dish to a dinner, I do not use disposable pans.  Instead I buy a nice dish that will let me cook whatever I am bringing.  That way the hostess or host has the food and a nice nice dish to use for other times.

I hope these help.  Have a great Veterans Day.