Friday, January 13, 2012

Packet Cooking

One of the easiest and healthful ways to cook is to steam.  To add a little dramatic flair try using a parchment paper packet.  It is very easy to do. This is a recipe for Salmon but you could use any fish.

6 oz portion of salmon fillet (take the skin off)
Two tablespoons of Olive Oil
Diced Shallots or Red onion
Splash of white wine or Lemon Juice
Julienne of Orange Pepper
Williams Sonoma Pizza Spice  - 1/2 teaspoon
Parchment Paper sheet

Preheat your oven to 400 F

Take the paper and fold it in half on a baking sheert.  Open it like a book with the seam to your left.  Brush the bottom where the fish will go with some of the olive oil.  Set the salmon on top of that section.  Mix the lemon or white wine with the rest of the olive oil and add the Pizza seasoning.  You can use any dried spice you like.  I used this since it had a lot of seasoning including sun dried tomato flakes, garlic etc.. Fold the paper over the fish. Starting at one end use your fingers and make a sharp fold along the edge in about  half inch sections. The end result should look like a Calzone -  half moon shape. if necessary staple the last section to keep it sealed.

Cook the package for 15 minutes.  Serve the package on a plate and let each person open their package. Careful there is a lot of steam in these! You will be surprised how easy this is. You can use this method with any fish.