Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Sourdough Results

As many of the readers to this blog know I am experimenting with different sourdough recipes. Yesterday I made a Whole Wheat Sourdough bread that came out better than other attempts. The problem with using Whole Wheat is that the bread can be very dense and sometimes dry.  I was able to achieve a lighter loaf and better crumb by adding a cup of cake flour.  That was a fluke as I had used all my AP flour and did not want to add more of the WW flour.  As does happen in cooking, sometimes we get lucky when we substitute ingredients!  The end result was a lighter dough that was very wet and sticky.  Not usually what I am looking for!!  But after I poured it ( yes I do mean pour!) into the prepared pans it cooked up great.  When I can perfect the recipe it will be posted.  In the meantime, try adding some cake flour to your Whole Wheat Bread. just replace a little of the All Purpose or Bread Flour.