Tuesday, November 1, 2011


YUP  It is turning cold here in the Southwest!!  Time for some Comfort Food. Nothing says comfort like a smell of a Pot Roast when you come in on a cold Fall day.  Here is what I am going to make for dinner on Wed.

Chuck roast or other roast that is cut thick and has a lot marbling.

Onions - rough cut
Carrots - about four peeled and cut in thick pieces
Celery - Two ribs sliced thin
Garlic - Three to four cloves - chopped or pressed.
Beef Stock - enough to cover the roast in the pan

Heat a Dutch Oven or heavy bottom roasting pan on the stove until hot.  Add 2 tablespoons of EVOO.  Salt and pepper one side of the roast and put the seasoned side down into the hot pan and oil.  Then season the the other side.  Brown the roast until it is ready to release then turn the meat over and brown the second side. (NOTE: if the pan is not hot or the meat is wet you will not have a good outcome!! Brown means Brown! Your gravy and the meat will taste much better if the meat is browned before you put in the oven.)  Add the onions and garlic so they can be flavoring the meat too.

pour hot beef stock over the roast. The liquid should boil.  If the liquid is cold the meat will be tough. Add the veggies and cover the pan and put in a 250 degree oven for at least 4 hours.  Longer is better especially if the roast is large.   The point here is that once the meat is browned and in the oven you are done until it is time to eat.  Once the roast is done you can take it and the veggies out and make gravy. I use a good roux = I think it works better and has great texture.  You can use cornstarch.  I also make mashed potatoes to serve with this. 

It is really easy to make an outstanding Pot Roast.  Try it.  Let me know any questions!  I will post some pictures tomorrow time permitting.