Thursday, February 16, 2012


I posted this last March and I wanted to update it.

A sharp knife it the cooks best tool. Even if you have a less expensive knife, keeping it sharp will keep your fingers safe. Knives develop burs on the edge  as we use them. These burrs are the natural result of the knife cutting through food. The best way to keep a knife sharp is with a "Steel".  That is a long file in a the shape of a rod.  They are easy to use and will keep your knife sharp.  When needed, either take your knives to a professional for renewing the edge or buy a good knife sharpener for the home.  I use a Chef Choice that has four different guides that allow me to sharpen everything from a Chef knife to scissors. They can be expensive, but they last a lifetime.

Sharp knives do not slip.  That is what causes most knife accidents. Be Sharp  and Be Safe!"

There are many different types of knives. Most people use three or four all the time but also have some special knives for certain tasks.  All of them are safer when they are sharp. If you read the post above and wondered how to keep your knives sharp I have a great opportunity to share with you. This Sunday the class will be on knife skills and how to use and sharpen your knives.  We will also be offering free sharpening for one knife per household for those who attend.

Drop by and learn how to improve your knife skills and how to keep your knives sharp.