Monday, January 2, 2012

Diets and the New Year

OK how many of you are thinking about starting  a diet??  Go ahead - raise your hands!!  If you are I would encourage you to  find one that fits your lifestyle and is not a fad or a "quick fix".  The most successful people I know who lose weight prefer to look at a "diet" as a change in the way they eat.  They also do their research and  talk to others on the diet.  Yo-Yo dieting is dangerous as it can cause radical changes in blood chemistry and fluctuations in key nutrients.  Take your time and make the commitment to a change in how you eat as well as making smart choices on what you eat.

You should also check with your doctor and get his/her recommendations.  See if the proposed changes will affect any medications that you are taking.  Simple foods like Grapefruit or Orange Juice do affect how some medications are absorbed.  So before you try any juice diet find out.  Likewise potassium can be increased or decreased by certain food and drug combinations. 

Lastly remember it takes time to lose weight.  It took time to gain the weight. Any over the counter fix may have some very harmful effects. There have been deaths from some of these so do your research.  Make 2012 a healthful year.

I will be teaching three classes on Super Foods at Williams Sonoma this month.  Come by and learn. I will post the classes on the Thursday before.