Thursday, June 7, 2012

Changing a Cake Recipe to a Larger Pan

Nothing is better than a cake made from scratch! Don't get me wrong there are several really good box cake mixes out there. They save time and for someone who is not into "Baking" they can be a real value.  But I always like a cake that someone makes from scratch better.

As I posted earlier I am making a Birthday Cake for a friend.  There are so many people that I had to change the cake to a larger version.  I had to decided to either to A, -  make more layers or B. - make larger layers.  Sometimes going higher is not always the right choice. Especially if you have to  transport the finished cake.  So I went for the larger layers. But now I have to change the recipe to fill that extra space. How do you do that? How much will I need?

Today it is easy to Google anything including how to adjust recipes. There is a formula that uses PI and figures the volume of the pan. That is the most accurate. After doing the math I decided to just double the recipe. (It was for 2 - 9 inch pans and I am using 2 - 12 inch pans) That is usually the best option. However sometimes you may have to adjust cooking time and the leavening. But usually doubling or tripling the recipe will work just fine.  If you have too much batter then make some cupcakes. Easy - -no stress.

I will have pictures tomorrow and show you how I did it.  It will be a Devil's Food Cake with Pastry Cream Filling and Double Chocolate Swiss Buttercream.  I will post the recipes.