Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Readers Questions

I received several readers questions this week so I want to use this post to address some of them.

1. Cider - I was asked if I have a recipe for spiced cider.  Hot Spiced Cider is a great way to celebrate colder weather.  I have used many different ways to do this.  The most successful was to use a spice ball and put the mulling spices in that and then place it in the cider as it is heating. You can do the same with wine too. For the spices I use the William Sonoma Mulling spices blend because it has all the spices I like.  However you can use whole cloves, cinnamon sticks ( do not use the ground spice it will cloud the cider) as your base and then add the spices you like such as anise, orange or lemon peel etc.   Take the spices out before serving. 

2. Pie Crust - if you must make your own crust remember two things.   1- cold shortening and cold water and 2 - don't over work the dough.  I use puff pastry dough and/or frozen shells.  Buy the best quality not the store brands and you will do fine.

Thanks for the questions!  More later in the week