Saturday, November 12, 2011

Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

I think we all like Turkey, but without the sides dishes it really is not Thanksgiving. I know many people are thinking of the standard Green Bean Casserole.  However I want to challenge you to try something a little different.  Here are some ideas

How about Brussels Sprouts? There are many ways to prepare them that are tasty and won't remind you of  those bitter and soggy attempts when you were growing up.  I am doing a recipe at the classes on Sunday and Monday that may change your mind.

Sweet Potatoes Souffle - a different take on sweet potatoes or Yams.  Easy to do and it bakes with the Turkey.

Mashed potatoes - how about Sour Cream and Chives or Leeks in your mashed? Or add some roasted garlic. 

Just some ideas - I will post some recipes this week that may change your mind about the side dishes at Thanksgiving - or any other time for that matter!