Monday, January 9, 2012


Monday - seems like some weeks are just busier than others. I have one of those weeks.  So today I am cooking a pot roast in my Multi Cooker. It is great as I can sear and brown the meat add the liquid and then set it on slow cook.  When I get home after a very busy day it is done.  All I have to do is make the mashed potatoes and gravy.  Not quite diet food but very tasty!!  Here are some tips for you if you have a multi cooker or are using a Dutch Oven.

1. Make sure that your liquid is hot before you add it.  Cold water can make the meat tough.
2. Slow and Low is better than fast and high.  If you are using the oven - set it for 225 - 250 and adjust your time.  Your meat will be tender and your gravy will be better.
3. For Multi Cookers - remember that unit will automatically go the "Warm" setting once the time is done.  So make sure that you allow for this. Warm will not cook the meat but it will keep it moist and tender.
4. Use a Bay Leaf - just one or two small ones will do.