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Friday, July 1, 2011


There are as many recipes for Coleslaw as there are for Potato Salad. Here are some tips that will make yours better no matter what recipe you use.

1. Onion - if your recipe calls for onion, GRATE it on the small grate of box grater.  do this over the bowl so that the juice also goes in.  This make a big difference as the onion will be dispersed throughout the salad.

2. Carrots - a fine grate to medium will work best.

3. Cabbage - use only fresh crisp cabbage. Take off the outer leaves that may be a little wilted. You can shred on a mandolin or an attachment to your mixer. Some people prefer to use a food processor. If you do us this method pulse do not keep it running or you will have puree.

4. Time - Always give Coleslaw at least three hours before you serve it. Let it rest covered in your refrigerator so the flavors can blend.

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