Saturday, November 26, 2011


I love a good dry rub, but most were too salty or had overpowering ingredients.  So, four years ago I started to experiment with some different ideas.  DAVIS DUST is my original recipe, created from those four years of trying to get it right.  As a result, I  ended up with, not only a great dry for ribs, chicken and beef, but also a seasoning for stove top or oven cooking too. 
 DAVIS DUST is produced for me by Pacific Spice, under high quality control, using fresh blended organic and natural ingredients.  When you get your container, it will not have been sitting in a warehouse getting old.  I only produce small batches to control the age of the product.  When you open your container, the aroma will tell you that it is fresh and ready to go!
 For those who respond to this post, I am offering an introductory price of $6.00 for 3.2 oz. of DAVIS DUST.  The regular price is $8.50.  I want to get this out to a lot of people who can help me promote the product.  Anyone who wishes to do so, can also write a review and I will place it on the website.  For those who are out of town, DAVIS DUST can be shipped to your home for a nominal additional charge.

Here is what some of the focus group  and testers had to say.

“DAVIS DUST is about the only seasoning I use any more.”  SH  - Las Vegas
“We love it on ribs!  But it is great on chicken too!” – SP Portland
“I use it as table seasoning.  It is wonderful on my homegrown veggies – especially the tomatoes. “ LN
"We used it on our vegetarian stir fry with tofu.  It was great!" - GB Las Vegas

To order send an email to me  The website will have an order form soon as well as paypal.