Monday, August 6, 2012


There are so many types of salt available that you really owe it to yourself to try some.  By now everyone has heard of kosher salt and most will have some in their pantry.  Kosher Salt can be coarse or fine grain depending on the supplier.  Kosher Salt is a fine pure salt.  Here are some other types.

Sea Salt – As the name implies this is made by evaporating sea water.  On the coast of France this is a big business.  There are several types and color of sea salt.  The different colors are indicative of trace minerals in the water where the salt was produced.  Some will also have flavorings added such as Herbs De Provence or truffles.  I use these as a main salt or finishing salt depending on the quality and flavor.

There are many others such as rock salt that you have to grind or grate.  One of my favorite is Himalania Pink Salt from the Himalayas.  A light pick salt with a distinct flavor that is a great finishing salt.

Don’t forget other flavored salts – Wild Porcini, Smoked Salts and others too numerous to name.  Try some – you may just find a new way to flavor your food.

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