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Friday, July 6, 2012


Many of my recipes call for DAVIS DUST - my original spice blend that I created.  I have added a link on the blog for the new website where you can order it.  But many readers have asked me what is DAVIS DUST?

I love a good dry rub, but most were too salty or had overpowering ingredients.  So, four years ago I started to experiment with some different ideas.  DAVIS DUST is my original recipe, created from those four years of trying to get it right.  As a result, I  ended up with, not only a great dry for ribs, chicken and beef, but also a seasoning for stove top or oven cooking too. 

 DAVIS DUST is produced for me by Pacific Spice, under high quality control, using fresh blended organic and natural ingredients.  For those readers here in the continental United States I can ship to you.  Unfortunately for readers in other countries I cannot ship at this time. Please visit the website and check it out.  My cookbook will also be available there soon. (You can find it on  Just look for Aunt B's Bordello)

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