Saturday, September 10, 2011

Low and Slow

It is cloudy and gloomy here today. It reminds me that soon we will have cooler temperatures and be able to cook more soups, stews and pot roasts.  But why wait?  I just brown the meat - today some stew meat - in a dutch oven and then add 1 onion and some garlic.  As soon as the onion is translucent I add about three cups of beef stock and then put in the oven set at 225 - 250.  I set the timed cook feature to 4 1/2 hours and walk away.  Since it is still a little warm I turn on the vet fan. That takes the heat out of the house.  When I get back from work I could make a stew.  However I will shred the beef and then add some Hatch chillies and some other spices and make some enchiladas.  YUM!  Since I will not need all of the cooking liquid, I will freeze some in small batches to make gravy or to add to soup when it really gets cold.

Easy two or three meals all done while I am at work. 

By the way - I am doing a class on pasta on Sunday.  Drop by and see all the many varieties and shapes and how to use them.  Class is at 12 noon at the Williams Sonoma in The District in Green Valley.  See you there!

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