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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Drying Herbs

Summer is slowing ending and many people like to dry herbs that they have grown in their garden. Some tips for the beginner.

1. If you are drying leafy herbs like Oregano or Thyme, cut the sprigs at a point where you can have a stem to use for tying them together.  If you cut too close to the leaves, you will lose some of the herb in the process.

2. Hang herbs upside down to dry. the essential oils will concentrate in the leaves and will not evaporate out or run out the stems.

3. If you are placing the herbs on a sheet such a dehydrator or outside, leave room for air to circulate around the herbs. If you drying outside make sure that you cover the herbs with cheesecloth to keep the bugs and birds at bay.

4. Remember once dried, herbs are potent than when they are fresh.  Use them accordingly or you have a very bitter dish or one that is over seasoned.

If plan to make an herb vinegar be sure to read how to do that.  Otherwise you can have mold and other organisms invade and ruin your efforts,

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