Friday, September 16, 2011


Now that fall is almost here we all think about the change in menu. For most that means more oven coking and using the indoor appliances more. But at the same time you need to look at your spice cabinet.  Most spices only have a 2 year shelf life. That includes the time from manufacturing, shipping and setting on a stores shelves.  Look at your spices. If they are ground such as Cinnamon or other spices, they may need to be replaced.  Paprika will loose it red color over time. This does not affect the taste until it approached the 2 year mark but can affect how it browns food.  If you plan to make chili when the weather gets cold, are you spices too old to due your recipe justice?

Oil also has a shelf life. Check those too. Use the change in seasons to check your seasonings. Hopefully you also have fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Does it need to be recharged?

Fall and winter are usually very busy times in the kitchen.  Use this time to be prepared and you will enjoy cooking more.

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