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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th Leftovers

The smoke has cleared from all the fireworks and some people may have a bit of a hangover.  So what did you do with  any leftovers from the party?  I hope you promptly put them in the refrigerator. If not think twice about using them again. Here are some ideas for those who did chill down everything.

Ribs - If you have leftover ribs,  when they are cold enough to handle or if they are in the fridge, then cut the meat off of them.  Treat it like pulled pork. Add some sauce and you have the base for a great sandwich or you can freeze it.  I have fund that this works better than reheating ribs still on the bone.

Salads - If they were not out more than 30 minutes and you put them away, they are most likely safe.  However, when in doubt throw it out.

Bread, buns etc.  - If these are dry use them as bread crumbs. I recommend using a food processor to make them into crumbs.  Then dry them in a slow over until the moisture is all out. Then just put them in a container and use them.

Be safe with your food!

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