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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

French Onioin Soup

Yes I know it is hotter than the Hinges of Hell.  But a friend of mine got some bad news. So in honor of her I told her that would blog about her favorite soup.

The thing to remember when you make French Onion soup is that the onions need to cook slowly. It is very similar to caramelizing them.  Also remember that onions do cook down so be afraid to put a lot in the pan.  I always use Olive oil AND butter to cook them.  The other tip is to use Cognac to deglaze the pan.  Be Careful!! It will flame up!  I also use a combination of beef stock and chicken stock. Some people will use vela stock, but honestly, I prefer the other combination.

I will post my recipe in the future, but for now just think about a cold day and a hot bowl of French Onion Soup with a nice crouton of sourdough a topped with a slice of Swiss cheese

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