Monday, October 29, 2012

More Sourdough Bread Tips

As some will know who read this blog - I make bread every week. I do that because I like the taste, texture and economy of homemade bread.  When you have to pay $3- $5 for a decent loaf in the store it is time to make bread! I have been working for months on different Sourdough recipes.  Here is today's tip.

Sourdough can get dry quickly. Especially in the desert.  In order to make it last longer I have tried several different methods.

1. Mashed potatoes - basically i adapted my Potato Bread Recipe. works OK and the texture is fine.

2. Milk - must be scalded and then cooled.  It was alright but not my favorite

3. Dry Milk -- better - but but it does slow the rise.  Allow LOTS of time for proofing

so far no clear winner. I will keep trying and let you know.  If you have a suggestion please let me know.

Starters I use one from King Arthur flour. Works great!  I also use their instant yeast which is amazing. And yes I do yeast to my sourdough.

So what is your favorite bread recipe??

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