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Monday, September 24, 2012

Using Dry Milk in Bread

The advantages of using dry milk in bread baking

As readers will know I have been doing a lot of experiments with different types of bread.  In some the recipes call for milk.  If you use regular milk you have to heat it to kill off some of the enzymes.  If you do that and then add it too soon before it cools to lukewarm, it kills the yeast.  That is one reason that professional baker use dry milk.  While there are many types on the market that can be costly, I find that regular fat free dry milk to work just fine.  The addition also helps with the rise and helps to keep the bread moist.

If your recipe calls for water that is fine. Just add about ½ cup of the dry milk with the flour.  If you recipe calls for milk – use the same amount of water and add the dry milk to equal the wet milk

Give it a try. I think you will see a difference in texture and how long the bread stays moist.

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