Monday, May 7, 2012

More Tips on Burgers

If you like a lean burger you know that they can be dry and not have all the juices that one with more fat may have.  This is true of Turkey and Beef Burgers. To add some moisture and keep it healthy try adding a little EVOO to the meat before you cook it.  I usually add the Olive Oil along with some seasonings such as garlic and onion powder and a little salt. It makes a big difference.

Another tip is grind your own meat to make the burger.  That way you can add what you want to the meat and control the fat and moisture.  Experiment - use a little pork or add some sausage to your meat. Try different spices. (DAVIS DUST work well - hint hint!)  I will add unusual meat such as brisket or flank steak. Just be sure to girnd it twice to have the consistentcy that you want.

Also if you use charcoal, don't put the meat right on the hottest spot.  Set it off to the side so that the juices don't flair up so much.  Keep a clean spray bottle with water close by to stop flair ups.

These are few of my tips.  How about you?  Got any you want to share?

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