Monday, March 26, 2012

Money Saving Ideas

In today’s economy we all can use some ideas on how to stretch the food budget.  One of the easiest is to buy an ice cube tray.  - You know, the plastic one like we used before ice makers.  Here are some ways to use that to help you save money,

Soups - If you have left over stock, gravy or soups pour into the ice cube tray and freeze.  When it is frozen solid  pop the cubes out and put in a freezer bag. That way when you are making soup or sauces you can add as much as you need to boost the flavor.

Milk - I don't always get to use the milk before it goes bad.  I started freezing it in the ice cube tray as it got closer to the expiration date. I use these in gravy or sauces or to make hot chocolate.  Works great and I don't throw it out.

I am sure that many of the reader may have other ideas too.  Please share them!

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