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Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Bowl Party

So now that the teams have been chosen for the Superbowl, it is time to get your party ready. No matter which team you are backing,  you know you will need some great food.  So here are some ideas to help.

If you want to have hot dogs or bratwurst I suggest using the Hot Dog Boil recipe I posted. It will add a lot flavor and if use the liquid to keep the dogs or bratwurst hot it saves a step. (You can still grill the Brats or dogs once they are steeped in the boil and then return them to the liquid to stay hot.)

Nachos - everybody loves nachos.  Use the "Tacos My  Way recipe"  in the cook book for the meat and either make or pick up some cheese sauce.  Keep the meat and the sauce hot in a chaffing dish with separate pans or in separate crock pots and let the  guests make their own.

Sandwiches - I don't like the idea of meat and mayo hanging out for several hours waiting to be made into a sandwich.  I prefer to make a large sub with my favorite meats and cheese.  I cut into serving size and keep it cold until needed.  I have the lettuce, pickles, onions, mayo etc. in small bowls set in ice.  The guests can add what ever they like and not run the risk of any food bourne illness.  ( Does not prevent hang overs!)

Drinks - You know what you like just have them separate from the food so that when your guests go to get one or the other, they are not waiting as one person ties up the entire selection.

Lastly if you are serving alcohol, have a designated driver. In many states you can be held responsible for any accidents cause by a guest driving drunk.  Not worth the possible loss of life.

Have Fun!!

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