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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kitchen Tips

I was reminded about some of the tips I learned the other day when I had one of those "OOPS!" moment in the kitchen.  Every good cook has their time when they forget something or burn something etc.  How you turn an OOPS into to an AWE is important.  Here are some of my oops that turned out alright.

1. Scorched food.  Nothing tastes or smells worse that food that is scorched.  I forgot about a pot of soup and went back just in time to see it erupt on the stove.   When that happens, DO NOT stir it!  Instead take it off the heat and let it cool for a moment.  Then pour the soup into another pan. If you are lucky, the scorch will stay in the pan and the rest will be fine.  UNLESS you STIR it!

2. Broken Sauce or Gravy - If you are making a Hollandaise Sauce and it sets too long or gets too hot the Sauce will "break" - separate.  If that happens whisk a whole egg into the sauce.  It will fix it right up and you can serve it - quickly!  On gravy, if it is too thin you can always use a slurry of Cornstarch and water.  Whisk that in and bring to a boil

3. Your pasta sauce is too acidic or sour - add a little sugar.

Those are only a few.  I have a lot more that I have "discovered'!  We all learn by our mistakes  - I hope these help.

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