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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time for Turkey

If you are planing a big feast on Thanksgiving now is the time to think about your turkey. This is especially true if you want a fresh turkey. Most of the fresh turkeys need to be ordered ahead of time. You can pick the date you want it delivered.  Just remember that a fresh Turkey should only be held for no more than three days before it is cooked.  Also some stores sell "Fresh Turkeys" that are somewhat frozen. That is due to the FDA definition that a fresh turkey is held between 28 and 38 degrees. That is a good thing as you do not want any chance of spoilage. 

If you are using a frozen turkey, allow for four (4) days to defrost in your refrigerator.   DO NOT THAW YOUR TURKEY AT ROOM TEMP EVER!!  If you do the outside will get warm enough to promote bacterial growth.  Use the fridge!!

Brinning the turkey is a great way to add flavor.  I will go into more detail on that tomorrow.  Sunday's Technique Class at William Sonoma is all about Turkeys. Come by and see how we do it.

Check the blog for Brine recipes on Sunday.

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