Monday, November 7, 2011

Stuffing the Bird

For many the idea of Thanksgiving Turkey includes putting the stuffing in the bird and cooking the two together. This method does add some flavor to both.  However, if done improperly, it can have some serious consequences.  To avoid that I suggest you follow some simple guidelines.

1. Make your stuffing the morning that you plan to cook the turkey.  Stuffing should be warm when it is put in the bird. I fyou made it the day before you have to bring it up to temperature before stuffing.  ( 145 - 165)

2. Do not over stuff the bird.  Allow room for the stuffing to expand during cooking.  You can always put some in a dish and cook it along with the bird.

3. If you use meat in your stuffing, cook it before you put it in stuffing.

4. Cook by temperature not time.  If you do all of the above the stuffing and the bird will get done at the same time.  The breast should read 165 when it is done. Test the temperatue of the Stuffing - it should be at least 145.

If you do not want to worry just cook your dressing outside the bird. The only difference between "Stuffing" and "Dressing" is where you cook it!

For those like me who do not stuff the bird, use aromatics in the body cavity such as onions, celery, sage lemon  etc.  Whatever will compliment the meal

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving

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