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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Results on Bread recipe one

These pictures show how the dough performed.  The first one show the ingredients in the mixing bowl.  The directions tell you to put the yeast and water in the bowl. stir and then add the rest.  For this recipe I am using a 6 QT Kitchen Aid Pro mixer with the dough hook. 

The next picture shows how wet the dough is when you finish.  I did knead the dough longer than the recipe called for but I think after seeing the final product I would do it even longer.
This picture shows you the dough after a two hour rise and before it goes into the fridge.  By the next morning the dough was at the top of the bowl.

Over all the idea of the recipe is good, but the final results were disappointing.  When I find a really great recipe I will pass it on.  This one claimed that you do not have to knead.  However considering the structure of the bread and the fact that it does not rise much in the oven.  I would say that I disagree and will make some changes.  Due to copyright I cannot put the recipe here.  I will have  the link in a future post and the recipe will referred to as Bread 1.

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