Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

For those who are planning a weekend feast some ideas that may help.

First - remember to make sure food is held and served at the proper temperature. Cold food should be held at less than 40 degrees and hot food held at higher than 140. Foods that have a lot of sugar and/or fat in them such as baked beans or some fruit salads can harbor bacteria once they cross the temperature threshold. Keep an eye on these.

Meats - Bratwurst and Hotdogs have a lot of fat and can go bad if they are left out even after they are cooked. Keep them cold before you cook them and keep them hot or serve them right away. Hamburger, Turkey Burgers etc. - if you are taking these to a cook out, then either use the frozen patties or keep the meat as close to 32 degrees as possible.

Mayo - keep it cold along with the mustard and ketchup.

Stay safe and enjoy the last three day weekend of summer.

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