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Friday, July 29, 2011

Non Stick Pans and Cooking Sprays

There are a lot of articles on whether or not you should use a spray (like Pam) on non stick cookware. Some of the manufactures say that it will leave a a residue on the pan. Some blogs I have read indicate that some people have used products to clean and that it is not a problem. If you are concerned then don't use a spray in a can. You can always buy a mister that you can add your own oil such as Olive Oil and use that to spray your pan.

Some other thoughts.  Any pan can be a non stick if you heat it BEFORE you add your oil.  Cold oil into a heated pan = non stick.  Just do not heat it on high or get it too hot. If you add oil and it smokes or turns brown it is too hot and you have a potential for a fire.  Be safe!!

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