Friday, July 22, 2011

Humidity and Cooking

Humidity can affect how things cook and/or how long items will last in storage. Even those of us that live in the desert can be affected. Here are some things to consider.

Bread - Normally I do not recommend putting bread in the refrigerator.  However in the summer I do.  That gives it a controlled environment and keeps it fresh longer. If left sitting on the counter in hot and humid conditions bread will mold very quickly.

Flour, Salt  Sugar and other dry ingredients. Salt - use a cracker to keep it form clumping. Sugar and Flour I put in the freezer. This also keeps ants from finding them.  Wrap the flour and sugar very tightly and  put in a large freezer bag before you freeze them.

I f you do any baking in the summer the humid can affect the final product. Icing can "melt' or get very running in high humidity.  Put them in the fridge too.

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