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Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is from the cookbook. I think as the summer gets longer you may want to use this recipe more. I hope you enjoy it! I created this one on one of those hot Idaho days way back in the 70's - long before smoothies were ever invented.

1          pint raspberries
1          container of frozen raspberries
1          half gallon cheap raspberry sherbet
1          bottle of cheap champagne or sparkling wine
Fill a blender half way with the sherbet and add about half of the frozen raspberries and 4 oz champagne to get the mixture smooth.  Blend until it is mixed and smooth.  Add fresh raspberries and pulse a few times.  Pour into fluted glasses and top with more fresh raspberries. 

You can also use Orange Sherbet – just add some Cointreau with the champagne 
Pineapple Sherbet with rum and crushed pineapples.
You get the idea!!  It was big hit back then!! Just remember to use the cheapest champagne you can find as it is usually the driest and will even out the sugar in the sherbet.  This is the ONLY time I will EVER recommend cheap Champagne!!

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