Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Heat

Wow - for those of us in the SW USA the heat is on! It is over 100 right now and will go higher here in Las Vegas. So how do I beat the heat?

1. Ice Tea - use the recipe for sweet tea but I do not add sugar I do add a lemon.  When I pour it over ice then add my sugar substitute.  That helps it to dissolve.

2. Wicked Milkshakes - the recipe is in the book.

3.Ice Cubes - Not your ordinary one.  I have a tray that freezes half round long pieces of ice that fit into water bottles. I can also add furit juice to these and it adds a great little flavor.  Some people freeze the whole bottle but then you have to wait as it thaws for a drink.  This way it is cold and ready to go.

So what are your tips?

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