Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I found a bag of frozen Cranberries in the freezer - left over from the holidays.  Since it was about at its peak for being frozen I thought I would use it and pass on some ideas to you.

For Cranberry sauce - I use the whole berries and a just little water about 1/4 cup and then add 1/4 of orange juice and some orange zest. I also put a shot of Cointreau in which really livens things up. Bring it all to a  boil and wait for the berries to pop.  Once they pop you can decide if you want a slightly  chunky sauce or strain it.  The Cranberries have a LOT of pectin so the sauce can be thick!

You can  just chop the berries in a processor and use them as part of chutney or salsa.  Using these right now in the beginning of summer is great jolt to your palette!

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