Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer is here!! I think!

Summer usually means it is time to go outside and grill. Some tips to make that a little easier so you can enjoy the party too.
Skewers – Used to secure meat and veggies together on the grill are usually made of wood.  These need to be soaked in water for at least an hour before you put the meat on them and set them on the grill. Otherwise they will burn. There are metal skewers that work very well. However they do get hot so be carful. The newest type is one called FireWire and is a wire with removable end pieces. This has the advantage of being very flexible and can be positioned in a circle. 
Wire Baskets are a new craze too.  These vary from open wire mesh to a closed metal mesh with holes in them and come in several sizes and shapes.  The handles are usually removable. They allow you to use the grill for many foods that normally would not work well on just the grill grates.
Smokers – I could write a whole book on smokers and the various types and woods to use. Just remember in order to use wood chips they have to be wet.  Smoke can add a great flavor to any meat or vegetable.
Summer is here so get your grill ready.  I will have more tips later in the season and you can always ask a question in the comment section.

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