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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Non Stick Pans

We all know about non stick pans with special coatings that keep food from sticking to the pans. For those like me who remember the days before that we had to use different techniques to make that happen. We always heated the pan and then added the oil before any food went in.  (That still works by the way!)  If you have had your non stick pan for a long time, check the manufactures website to make sure that it has not been recalled. If the surface is flaking, or pitted I recommend that you stop using it.

The science behind the non stick surface has changed a lot over the years and there have been many changes.  There is some debate about safety and what chemicals can leach into your food. If you are concerned, use a good stainless steel pan. Just heat it over medium heat to the cooking temp desired and then add the oil. When this is done properly it will keep the food from sticking.  Also - high heat is not a good idea for any pan unless you are planning to sear the food. A stainless steel pan that is clean and free from any protein marks will work better than one that is not.  TIP - the bottom of the pan has to be as clean as the cooking surface.  Otherwise, those dark spots will create hot spots in the pan.

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