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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Memorial Day is usually the day most people start grilling.  Living in Nevada, I grill all year long. Here are some important things I have learned that may help you.

Grill temperature.  Resist the urge to have a screaming hot grill for anything other than searing. Whether you use a gas or charcoal grill you can regulate the temperature. I like steaks to start on a very hot surface and then move to a medium heat to finish.  Hamburgers cooked over high heat or high flame will char long before they can cook.  Since most people do not like a rare hamburger,or if you use one of my recipes that have cheese or other ingredients in them, cook over indirect heat the results will be much better.  They take a little longer but it is worth it.

Chicken - I use a large gas grill that has two levels.  I also always brine my chicken first. this makes sure that the meat is thawed if it was frozen and adds flavor.  Once I have the chicken marked on the the lower level, I will put it on the higher level. That allows it to finish cooking without burning.  Just before I take it off, I baste with whatever sauce I am using and let it cook for another 10 minutes or so.  Have your sauce hot when you baste.  It absorbs faster and does not cool the chicken down.

The other thing is to use a meat thermometer. Know what temperature your food should be at when it is taken off the grill.  Allow for hold over heat - meat will still cook for a few minutes after it is taken off the grill. There are even thermometers that you can leave it and they will notify remotely when the food is done.

Have a great Memorial Day - remember those who gave their lives for our freedom - and cook safe and well with lots of flavor!

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