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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Food Safty

In line with yesterdays post, I want to take a quick minute to go over some basic food safety guidelines. 1.Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.  This is important as we go into summer and we go outside to eat and prepare food.  If the food is to be served hot it must be held at least at 140 degrees or higher Between 40 degrees and 140 is the danger zone.  That is where bacteria can grow.
2. Cook your food to the right temperature.  If you are uncertain what that is, Google the food and add temp (Chicken cooking temperatures for example).  Undercooked food is a big problem.
3. When in doubt throw it out!  If you don't remember what that food is or when you put it in the fridge, toss it!
These are some quick tips  - more later

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