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Friday, May 20, 2011

Foil + Plastic

For foods to cook better in the oven I use plastic wrap and foil.  This method is very good for foods that react to foil like tomato or other acid based food. I also use this method to increase the amount of steam created to cook foods in the oven like lasagna. I use dry pasta lasagna and add a little more sauce. The pasta cooks in the oven and comes out great. By using the plastic wrap and then covering with the foil, the steam and moisture that would normally escape is trapped inside and cooks the pasta. This method can be adapted to decrease the cooking time on other foods too. Try it - I think you will like it!

It is important to note that you put the plastic on first and then cover that with foil.  If there is any plastic wrap exposed it will melt. Some of the plastic may melt on the outside of the cooking dish but it will peal off easily.

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