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Friday, May 27, 2011

Browning Meat

A reader asked me the other day why I am always talking about browned meat. "What is the big deal" She said.  Well then I knew it was time to let you all know what happens when you brown meat and why it makes a difference.  So here are the facts.

When you are ready to brown meat let's say a pot roast for example.  First make the sure the pan is hot and the meat is dry.  (Wet meat will only  steam -that is opposite of brown!) Salt and pepper the meat on the side going down, put your oil in the pan ,if it smokes that is okay just make sure the pan is hot.  Put your meat in and listed for the sizzle!  Now here is the tricky part - do not turn it over too soon.  When the meat has seared you will be able to turn it over very easily.  When you do you should see a golden brown  crust on your meat.  Of course you will have seasoned the other side before you put it down.  As the meat sears, the juices that come out start to caramelize and turn dark brown.  This forms the base of flavor for your gravy or sauces.  If you do not have that, then they will be lacking in flavor.  So remember my mantra  "Browned Food Tastes Better!" 

Also remember as you build your dish you are also building flavor. Do not over salt but if you leave the salt out completely and do not replace it with other flavors, your gravy or sauce will be bland. So always Brown your food. You will like the results.

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