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Friday, April 29, 2011


Old Spice is a cologne, older spices need to be discarded! If you have had spices longer than 18 months, they need to be retired. Most spices are good for up to 12 months. However there are some exceptions. As a general rule, I try to use any spice within 8 - 10 months of purchase.  It does help to put the date you bought the spice on the container.  Some now also have a "Best by" date on them.  Just remember that once you take it home and open it up, the spice will start to lose potency. Here is a tip that will help on how to use spices.

Toast your spices before you use them.  If the spice is a powder, put it in a non stick skillet on low to medium heat for a minute of two. Keep it moving so it does not burn.  You may start to smell the fragrance as the essential oil heat up.  Take it off the heat and use it in your recipe. You can do the same with whole spices if you are going to grind them. Just don;t burn them!!

Have a great day and keep those comments and questions coming!

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